There’s an old saying …

“necessity is the mother of invention!”

I’ve worked in the building trade for most of my life and continually found I was tired of running backwards and forwards to my workbench to make cuts. Usually the workbench is set up some distance from where you are working. I decided to create a handheld sliding compound mitre saw to save time and therefore money. Thus the AusAngle was created! Making cuts right where you work is so much easier. Whether you are cutting weatherboards, timber decking, flooring or large panels, you cut accurately every time. It is designed for both the professional and D.I.Y. markets.

Launched in Australia in 1996, the AusAngle received feedback such as: “Why didn’t I think of that???” through to...

“What a
fantastic tool,
love it!”

Whilst the AusAngle Saw Guide is well accepted, there was a significant number of left handed people finding it difficult to use a right hand tool. Once again, necessity is the mother of invention, so we re-designed the AusAngle to accept both left or right handed saws! These latest developments have seen the AusAngle become the best Saw Guide System available throughout Europe, UK, America and Australia.

Priced within easy reach of tradesman and handyman alike, it is the most affordable saw guide system in the market and a tool no man should be without.

Nick Barnes