Size & Weight
Saw Guide
Height: 2.41cm (0.95 inches)
Width: 36.4cm (14.35 inches)
Depth: 24.9cm (9.82 inches)
Weight 2.54 kg (5.6 pounds)
Packaged Saw Guide
Height: 83cm (33 1/4 inches)
Width: 36.0cm (14 1/2 inches)
Depth: 6.0cm (2 1/2 inches)
Weight 4.17 kg (9 lb 3oz)
Mode of Packaging
4 colour process printed box
Carton: 3.8 cubic feet
20’ Container Qty: 960 pcs
40’ Container Qty: 1920 pcs
Country of origin: China


Smooth running self cleaning tracks that will not jam with dust

The AusAngle has a unique tracking system that will never jam with dust as the bearings sweep and clean the track as it is used.

Fits AC and DC cordless Circular Saws
The AusAngle will accept all powered and cordless saws, left hand and right hand for both right hand and left handed users.

Fully reversible to take left and right handed Saws
As the AusAngle can take both left handed and right handed saws this gives you the unique opportunity to have a cordless hand held sliding compound mitre saw as well as a powered one.

Adaptable to take most routers

 The AusAngle will accept any router and can be set up for left and right handed users, an adjustable stop allows you to finish your cut at the same point every time.

Easy and adjustable clamping system

The tracking system has the additional feature of an adjustable clamping tag that can be positioned anywhere along the tracking system
Indexing feature for aligning the edge of the blade

Always know where you will cut before you enter your work, simply index the side of your blade and know where your line of cut is.

Extends for cuts over 2800mm or 112”

The base unit will cut 300mm 12” and every extension increases the length of cut by 800mm 32”

Comes with additional clamping and extensions

The AusAngle kit already comes with three additional extensions with an adjustable clamping tab.

Covers right angled cuts and angles up to 45° in both directions

 The AusAngle allows you to cut left or right up to 45 degrees, easy read markings on the protractor make it so easy to set your angle.

Safer and more accurate to use with standard and mitre saws.

 With the AusAngle you never put your hand near the blade as you do on a work bench making it much safer to use, cut accurately and safely every time with an AusAngle.